Monday, September 10, 2007

From Another Dimension

if you come from another dimension, then:

a phalanx of cells, feeding on other cells. an arm formed of green cells and scales in a phalanx. in an onslaught. an emperor - controls our minds and is my mind. i control your minds through a synthesis of teaching and memorizing.

zounds in my head lazy around and xylophones play backwards on a tape. the batteries are new so the sound isn't flicking out. i hear the zounds loud and clear. LOUD, and ClEAR!


awre my ye yawre me yeyeawr rmye are we d weeeeeeeee!
:a distinct trouble in communicating.
this will occur if we are from different dimensions and speak in different languages. we cannot communicate and thus will not exist to each other., or in our reality.
my consciousness of self as a perception of senses could perhaps only be limited to that, however it may imply alternate existences beyond its consciousness.

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