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walton ford

i just spent 20 minutes writing a post and it's gone


a dude from yahoo emailed about lucid dreaming groups

i am going to desgin and lay out a magazine in indesign-= make it psychedelic. get in touch with me if you want to contribute. mostly it will not be words, but ripped off stuff fromt he internet.

everyone here is white trash at the library and theres a monster like cave dweller black woman here who looks like she'll latch on to me and suck my blood and then sleep all day and stay awake at night. i guess she looksl ike a vampire bat.


jackie & debra and baby cakes at the role playing tournament

Friday, February 22, 2008

why not love lynda?

my life is currently devoted to the one, the only, Lynda Barry.
if you find yourself
in any way lost
read her comics. read them all day.
you will feel worlds better when you are done.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"Masks cannot be put on or taken off in public, since putting on a mask turns a person into a spirit, and lends him supernatural qualities."
-Masked Rituals of the Afikpo

"A mask is oneself, the realization of the inner spirit, and a mask is the 'other': person, animal, god...

A mask is a link with what we cannot otherwise touch: the spirit of the god, the dead, the other.

A mask is the instrument of metamorphosis, a way to reach the powers to which it appeals; the wearer is the channel to the god, then becomes the channel through which its response is passed to the members of the tribe."
-Behind the Mask: Bari Rolfe

Hamill Gallery of African Art
National Museum of African Art

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Friday, February 15, 2008

where are they now??

"Where are all my old friends, have they all got the bends?" At least I have new friends. Such as contributors to this blog. As of now I vastly prefer it to Myspace blogs, it has much more visual stimulation going on. (Thanks to all you artist people.) Besides, the mere thought of logging on to Myspace gives me a feeling of nauseous dread lately, perhaps because it's full of faces that disappeared on me. Yet, somehow I'm still gravitated towards it, I have to look. It's like a car crash. More like several car crashes simultaneously.

I don't feel like doing anything creative/productive. Nothing that involves thinking today. Luckily, I had an assignment to do a bunch of data entry earlier. It was so unbelievably soothing. My uncontrolled stream of nagging thoughts nearly stopped, for a few hours. Too much time to think at a museum. Yesterday I was trapped in the No Man's Land of the pavilion...I think about five people came in, for about five minutes, so I decided to write poetry all day. It was Valentine's Day after all. Finally I got to go home and cry. What a little emo beotch I've become. Perhaps when it gets warm I'll stop being a hermit, but not yet.

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

my neighbor joseph is going to die

the guy below me complains about all sorts of noise. my land lord came over today to tell us to stop making noise when we were watching tv. the sound was at like 8 to 15 out of 50. it was 12 o'clock, noon. he gets complaints all the time and will soon kick us out. i need to find a new place to live. it seems like i'm stressed about one thing or another all the time now. i'm going to have to find a job that pays more if i have to move. mother fucker.

Friday, February 8, 2008

at the museum

last night, in the cave of trinkets--

there were only four women in the room[besides myself] and 3 of them had wigs on.

the fourth woman had a false ponytail.

what do we make of this???

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

"A child without an eye, made a mother cry//Why ask why??"
I saw him on Saturday. Though, it was only in passing in a gallery and I did not look back, not sure if I had seen what I had seen. I didn't want to know. But now I know.
Why ask why? Indeed.
I have the strangest dreams. What happened last night? My brother was there...But I can't remember. Only that I am usually lost somehow.
A medicine man contacted me (this was in real time). A friend from the past who is now a healer. He wants to help me through plant and mineral essences. I'm game...
Healers and dealers.

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keep an eye on the first image. i will have something weird to post.

these three are the same:

this one is different:

let me explain the last title since i forgot.

so, i mean those slice of life photos. of people sitting in front of the camera. some like i saw last night, but not in particular any specific photo, but there are some photos i wouldn't mind to meet the people from....i don't want to just call people west o people. or people at bars. or people who come to the joslyn, as there is no safe haven.

it is sad to see the people other people photograph.

i mean in real life seeing them, not in the photos.

i dind't know how to exactly generalize what i was talking about in another way. yesterday we walked out of the bemis in the midst of an opening and some tools who had driven downtown (probably from west o, i'm at my most cynical now)asked us, "Is that bar even worth going to?" in reference to there being a gathering of people outside of a building in downotowno. ey-oh~! one sad part that i reflected on is that the building has a huge orange sign on it that says BEMIS. i thought that was strange because last night, i thought i had created a safe haven away from retards like that.

HOWEVER, i hate it when tom arnold comes to the ed tech and asks what this place is. i also don't like it when people ask me if this is where the corral is. WHAT FUCKING CORRAL ARE YOU THINKING OF?!?! is that even how you spell corral? i have been looking blankly at people because i can't think of the right names to call them as they make fools of themselves. this person asked where the corrals are without given any explanation of what she was talking about. i took a stab and asked if she was talking about the chuck guildner ranch photographs. she asked me what that was and i told her they were photographs of ranches. and i smiled. i'm a bastard. THEN she asked me, "Well is there still an interactive cowboy exhibit?" at this point i slapped her so hard in the head that she fell down and then, finally, left.

I hope you are paying attention to my specific and intentional use of punctuation.

and capitolization.

after this bum family left, a woman came up and said, "You know jade?"
i said, "Yeah..."
She said her daughter mentioned looking for something jade. now let me mention that those are the exact words she used: "my daughter mentioned looking for something jade." nothing else, just that.
so i says to her, i says, "We have a gift shop up by the entrance over there," as i oh so akwardly waft my arm up towards the hallway to my right, "Now I don't know for sure, but I would be surprised if they didn't have something jade up there."
***WAIT: EMERGENCY INTERUPTION*** A Child just came to drop off a back back and as he was leaving he said thank you and looked up at me and his mom took him by the hand. he was about 4 years old and missing an eye. he had skin grown over his eye ball socket. i stopped for a second and looked at him, my chest rose as i took a breath and tried to think of something to say. i said, "well, i certainly hope YOU enjoyed it" and smiled. the child did not smile back, rather, he looked a bit horrified. i did not expect this sort of reaction, and frankly it makes me feel like a bad person.

"No, do you know what jade is?"
"Yes, I know what jade is," I replied
"OH! YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT JADE IS?" HA! "It's a stone used in may be familiar with jade buddhas...get the fuck out of my face."

I went to the bathroom and this weird guy watched me pee in the urinal. he was wearing a suede jacket with lamb fur on the inside. lamb fur. it looked like an UGG shoe. lamb fur. The slice of life is boring and moronic.

Friday, February 1, 2008

"The image of what is concrete -for example, the cosmic creation of the world- at times resembles an abstract painting to laymen like me."
-H├ęctor Olea