Wednesday, October 31, 2007

the wolf harmonicUZ

you are a WOLF

the wolves are ///////traveling through the desert universe. Time clock

spiraling through mind, deranged vertigo excellence. I AMffggfggg;;;:::;:

a sea shell, howling through empty beach winds; whistling for crack pipes and time machines.

blow in my ASS
and you will make beautiful music.

bubonic fuck yourself

i've been listening to the bubonic plague all summer and into the fall since i came across them when i looked up etchings and wood prints from the bubonic plague era. i would assume everyone in the world would like this music, it definitely has its darkwave and "ghost rock" elements.

love your parent,
the apeman

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Reflections of a Cheeto-less Stoner:

"Secrets previously occluded from my vision became known to me in a burst of clarity. I could see that not only is any given quantity of Substance counterbalanced by an equal and opposite potential for Nothingness, but that Substance is, in fact, defined by the very Nothingness it is not."

thanks to the Onion

Saturday, October 27, 2007


be going to an halloween party this evening?


internet art is arguably the sweetest shit.

so, i was going to because i like to draw on it when i'm bored. thankfully they have a link to dazed digital which let me see some other sweet internet art projects. DO GO TO THESE WEBSITES. YOUR LIFE IS IN JEOPARDY IF YOU DO NOT. much love, the wolfiest of men.


blow those silky smokerings.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

best halloween costume

a kinky santa.


whoa/ interregnums is way way sweet man. wow. i am waaaaay tripping out to it. way out.
preparations was same old prefuse---?///good, but now not original. especially with the same clavs, pads, etc. interreg kinda of pulls savath and savalas sounds into prefuse territory ....about where it should be. it is out there for prefuse's sound which is what makes this so interesting, but beaten thursdays coulda been left off. sounds like something i heard on one word extinguisher but with some really typical sampling, almost frooty loops. and to freak me out more he used a cording of a child talking about a tree in an earlier song on interregnums. i just made a song that trips out into that song on garage band. obviously his is better though.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

mo skriblins

ch-ch-check dis out. it's about....about

it's about......aliens and friends and some stuff i had written a while ago.

|[XiuuiX FortheasseS]|

i'm on another xiu xiu kick. not for any other reason than that it is completely awesome. here are a few songs. hives hives is a cover of jamie stewart and his dad's old band ibopa from which stewart took a few members to make ten in the swear jar which later became the xiu xiu WE ALL KNOW AND LOVE. body breaks is his cover of devendra's song which came out on a split, apistat and blacks i believe were originals on a promise, but i could be wrong.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


dude, check it. this stuff sucks.

actually this link has been removed. i'm making the sucky music awesome. just wait.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

film and fine arts and high brow faggots

once spaulding got to omaha he soon found that his high brow expectations lay in shambles. the scene, as you see below, is gay. the people are self righteous and beautiful.

i want tight pants, but i can't fit my glutes into them. i want long funny looking hair, but i need to find a job. but most of all, i want friends:

unfortunately, the indie kids (literally and figuratively) have punched me and kicked me in the face, tackled me, and called me up to threaten my life.

for someone interested in excluding others for their poor taste in film and art, this would be the place, however....there is no film or art here to discuss, just indie boys with tight butts. poor spaulding, your travels are in vain.

Allow Me to Introduce Myself...

Hello. My name is Andrew. Andrew Spaulding. But most people just call me Spaulding.

I moved to Omaha about five years ago when I started my college days at Creighton. I'm originally from Sheboygan, Wisconsin - which is pretty well known for a few things, actually...

1. Johnsonville Brats
2. Wigwam Mills, Inc. - Makers of the World's Finest Wool-Knit Socks
3. Whistling Straits - Home of the 2003 and 2008 PGA Championships
4. "Mention My Name in Sheboygan," by The Everly Brothers

But, moreover, you may remember Sheboygan as the "city-with-a-name-so-silly-it-must-be-fictional" that John Candy's character Gus Polinski mentions in Home Alone when his polka band gives Kevin's mom a lift in their van.

"OH, YEAH!!!"

Suffice to say, Sheboygan's never had much of a local art or entertainment scene. But I've always loved music. I've always loved film. I was an award-winning entertainment editor for my high school newspaper. Music, movies, literature, pop culture, and (to a limited extent) the fine arts were my life. But as much as I kept up with all the latest blockbusters and chart-toppers I tried my damnedest to truly culture myself in the arts of film and music. I had a few older friends that were the same way, and helped me sort of find my personal tastes and preferences. But pretty much everyone else worshiped mainstream radio, chick-flicks and MAXIM. I thought myself better than that.

I wanted to be a part of something bigger, something cooler, something more significant. I wanted to find myself in the middle and a part of a cultural explosion. A place where exciting new music originated, thrived, and continually fueled a progressive and welcoming community. A place where I had access to independent films, a place where movies were actually made. A place where the people were more social, more educated and more cultured. A place where I could learn and grow as someone who knew his shit, and whose shit was the good shit. Where the people buried themselves in music, movies and art too... A place where the people were a lot like me, but different enough to make life interesting.

It was in the middle of exploring this daydream that I first heard The Faint. Almost immediately, I knew this was the kind of band and the kind of music that I wanted to follow. So I followed The Faint to Lumberjack/Saddle Creek Records and then, naturally, to Omaha. I "discovered" all the other local favorites like Bright Eyes and Cursive. I read about the seemingly legendary Sokol Auditorium and The Ranch Bowl. I read about Alexander Payne and some of the other bigger names to come out of Omaha, like 311 and Mannheim Steamroller.

It was all so exciting. This was it. Finally, I had found a place that had everything I was looking for. I was going to come to Omaha, catch up on the last 10 years of art and entertainment. And then, sure enough, I would be in the middle and a part of... THE SCENE.

It was the perfect plan...


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

How i feel today:

you wouldn't understand.

Ummmmm SWEET

i am a nerd. i thought this mario synth player was the coolest thing. if i had a pc, i would download it and make ass shaking beatz. i love azz shakin beatz. if you want to mix online, go here:

or here:

if you have windows, i belive you can download a mixer here:

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Transcending Human Consciousness


Again, I spent the day at the museum, but this time only in one gallery. Shortly after waking up, the little bit of energy and focus on real life for the day started to subside. My brain lost concentration and drifted into thoughts about space and time (as always, but especially with several circles and the red disk close by). I started with just wondering whether or not space could exist without time or time exist without space, the reason for the being that space relies on distance and it is impossible for me to move from one point in space to another point in space without having a passing of events occur. The more I move, the more rapid time passes, unless my body cannot keep up with the passing of time in which case i get tired and have to slow down to a regular pace. So pace, to me, is moving through time and space at a comfortable and sustainable rhythm. As dimensions pass by my observable reality i experience the sensation of movement from one point to another and though i don't travel from past to future, my present point is consciously only visible as a past event and it takes on the future event. my present is at the same time changing into the past and the future. To me, this is only understandable with the idea of numbers. the numbers are needed to make measurements of distance and events elapsing. but i don't know if i believe in numbers entirely. They are not natural and do not actually exist. They are the mental object of our perception of our surroundings and not absolute. There is never actually two of something. even ONE THING does not exist. a human is made up of many different cells, there is not one human or two humans, but the idea of humans. or the concept of a human...which isn't real to me, i feel like it is my mind simplifying the reality i sense into a perceivable mental object. and outside of my concepts of reality and living things there are objects perhaps that live or conflict with my cellular life. or even the waves and frequencies that could perhaps keep me livng. the idea of a dimension gives rise to an ambiguous "other" outside of the dimension or another dimension. so either i don't believe in anything at all, or i can believe that there is an infinite number of things beyond my wildest wet dreams.


Leslie Drew Something in My Book

and she can't use computers so i put it up.

Monday, October 8, 2007


very truly you are an android. voices speak to me through tech instruments. i see you talk in variations on the sine function.

this of course is not true if
you do not believe in that which you don't see
or do if you do see or do not, it is not true. the sine does not exist, it is only a mental construction – are all abstractions – which are not true but base, are all abstractions going to carry us on through time?
and spatially if we do not understand the abstractions, then:

a future will need to learn their own. and rightfully so for androids with different technologies. a different dimension forms as we leave our realities behind.

and so too, as through time i move my reality is both constant and not constant, only in space are the dimensions of my dimensions shifting to me. i cannot observe my movement through time. i only exhibit this journey though to me it is a pilgrimage

and likewise i have found this to be a base:

I love these pictures

indian jewelry shot by aaron farley

Sunday, October 7, 2007

So...Let's Say It's Not Cool

well, as many people know daniel johnston, especially after the movie came out, i feel kind of weird posting anything about him. however, i was just listening to him again today when i've had huge crushes on his music and drawings for a long time. if you are not familiar with his music, do check it out. it you are, then you probably already know these songs and think i'm stupid for talking about him. of course his shit spans a lot of different sounds, but these are a few that i thought could get a person started.

you should also check out stuff like it's spooky and artistic vice amongst others.

Muz to make your head blow up

Black Dice, Lightning Bolt, Sunn O))). While walking through the art museum I often find myself playing these songs in my head and head banging or dancing in front of the security cameras. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


Here are some drawings. more to come, please don't just look, but read also. You can click on the pictures for full size images.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My Fantasy, Their Reality, More Events

two more events:
this friday dave's playing with his band the terminals. if you like them and are welcome (and i mean, i know they say to come over, but i know i'm not cool enough) at hotel frank i guess you could go see them. i'd hold out for a box elders show though -- nothing gets better than two brothers with beautiful blond hair.

saturday spank candy is performing at some place on 120 & center. check for details. i can't wait to see their dark arts performance dominatrix burlesque show. i bet i get creeped out.

Life at the Art Museum

today i walked around the art museum for 7 hours. this is my job. i have to protect the work, but according to my handbook "you can not arrest someone for breaking a rule in the museum. a rule breaker can not be manhandled, physically abused, handcuffed, punched, or even unnecessarily detained." when i read this it took all the action out of work, but i got to thinking a lot, which i ever want to do.

i think my favorite painting at the museum is called Faggot gathering in the forest. of course the title is the only reason i like the painting, but art is SO cognitive -- which is what most people don't even understand. even the artists intended meaning probably doesn't come close to how i interpret it unless he was a complete jackass.

i am a huge fan of modern art and the ideas behind it and more contemporary works and activities, but after walking through religious and academic orientalism all day, i have to say they are pretty sweet.

first, there is this 16th century painting of jesus (the messiah) sitting on a church altar while mass is going on. he is sticking his hands out and spraying blood into a golden chalice which, i believe "saint" gregory is then going to drink and give to his congregation. how fucking bad ass?

second, there is this totally "dope smoke" painting called moroccans inspecting weapons. i don't believe it gets very much attention at the museum, but it's got these gangsterly looking moroccans chilling in a bazaar booth. one has swords strapped to him and he's checking out this insanely fancy rifle while the other is watching and getting stoned out of this huge opium pipe. they are kind of ripped and look like hard ass mofos.

third, there's a painting of king herod's party with a belly dancer of some sort entertaining this crazy group of court nobility. there are some freaky looking musicians and hypnotic fractal-like patterned tapestry and gold and cheetahs everywhere. i thought this would be a bomb ass party to go to, or at least get stoned and look at. but i don't do drugs and this leads me into another thing i was thinking about:

so, seriously, if someone believes, first of all, in jesus as god, and secondly that there were actually "three wise men" or "three kings", doesn't the person who believes in this also have to admit that these "three wise men" were complete lunatics? i mean, they followed a STAR to find THE SON OF GOD. it all sounds a bit paradoxical to me, since this ties jesus' birth into a cosmological setting, and so we have to assume that these "wise men" were something of astrologists, pegans or mystics. all things which i think are totally cool, but it gets a little weird when christians, especially christian children, are taught that these people were so wise and special while ignoring that they were probably pegans or the very least scientists....and then think of the inquisition or what happened with copernicus and you have to admit, it's all a bit fucked up. i guess i just wonder what would have happened if jesus was never born. at the very worst, no one would ever be granted salvation from god....which makes him sound like kind of a dick head of a god of he creates salvation and people, but doesn't give it to them. and now that i'm thinking of it, how the hell does it make sense for any christians to believe that jesus' death allows "the gates of heaven" to be unlocked for them.

geez....religion is all about being obsessed with death and failure.

Why I Hate The Scene...

they model for themselves.
and they invite their moms.

oh well, it makes me giggle.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Get Your Ye-Ye, Get Your Afrobeat

there's some music i've been listening to a lot available on mediafire. there's french ye-ye from the 60's, funky afrobeat from the 70's, some friends' stuff, and some bubonic plague i believe.

Upcoming Shows

make sure to save some money for Scout Niblet's show on 10/19. also remember that dinosaur junior is coming here on december 12th.

Review of Low Budget/Talkin' Mountain

um, both were pretty cool. i can't really say anything else.