Monday, October 8, 2007


very truly you are an android. voices speak to me through tech instruments. i see you talk in variations on the sine function.

this of course is not true if
you do not believe in that which you don't see
or do if you do see or do not, it is not true. the sine does not exist, it is only a mental construction – are all abstractions – which are not true but base, are all abstractions going to carry us on through time?
and spatially if we do not understand the abstractions, then:

a future will need to learn their own. and rightfully so for androids with different technologies. a different dimension forms as we leave our realities behind.

and so too, as through time i move my reality is both constant and not constant, only in space are the dimensions of my dimensions shifting to me. i cannot observe my movement through time. i only exhibit this journey though to me it is a pilgrimage

and likewise i have found this to be a base:

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