Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Transcending Human Consciousness


Again, I spent the day at the museum, but this time only in one gallery. Shortly after waking up, the little bit of energy and focus on real life for the day started to subside. My brain lost concentration and drifted into thoughts about space and time (as always, but especially with several circles and the red disk close by). I started with just wondering whether or not space could exist without time or time exist without space, the reason for the being that space relies on distance and it is impossible for me to move from one point in space to another point in space without having a passing of events occur. The more I move, the more rapid time passes, unless my body cannot keep up with the passing of time in which case i get tired and have to slow down to a regular pace. So pace, to me, is moving through time and space at a comfortable and sustainable rhythm. As dimensions pass by my observable reality i experience the sensation of movement from one point to another and though i don't travel from past to future, my present point is consciously only visible as a past event and it takes on the future event. my present is at the same time changing into the past and the future. To me, this is only understandable with the idea of numbers. the numbers are needed to make measurements of distance and events elapsing. but i don't know if i believe in numbers entirely. They are not natural and do not actually exist. They are the mental object of our perception of our surroundings and not absolute. There is never actually two of something. even ONE THING does not exist. a human is made up of many different cells, there is not one human or two humans, but the idea of humans. or the concept of a human...which isn't real to me, i feel like it is my mind simplifying the reality i sense into a perceivable mental object. and outside of my concepts of reality and living things there are objects perhaps that live or conflict with my cellular life. or even the waves and frequencies that could perhaps keep me livng. the idea of a dimension gives rise to an ambiguous "other" outside of the dimension or another dimension. so either i don't believe in anything at all, or i can believe that there is an infinite number of things beyond my wildest wet dreams.


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You should take my Philosophy of Science class. We talk about this shit all the time.