Friday, February 15, 2008

where are they now??

"Where are all my old friends, have they all got the bends?" At least I have new friends. Such as contributors to this blog. As of now I vastly prefer it to Myspace blogs, it has much more visual stimulation going on. (Thanks to all you artist people.) Besides, the mere thought of logging on to Myspace gives me a feeling of nauseous dread lately, perhaps because it's full of faces that disappeared on me. Yet, somehow I'm still gravitated towards it, I have to look. It's like a car crash. More like several car crashes simultaneously.

I don't feel like doing anything creative/productive. Nothing that involves thinking today. Luckily, I had an assignment to do a bunch of data entry earlier. It was so unbelievably soothing. My uncontrolled stream of nagging thoughts nearly stopped, for a few hours. Too much time to think at a museum. Yesterday I was trapped in the No Man's Land of the pavilion...I think about five people came in, for about five minutes, so I decided to write poetry all day. It was Valentine's Day after all. Finally I got to go home and cry. What a little emo beotch I've become. Perhaps when it gets warm I'll stop being a hermit, but not yet.


nectarine said...

several car crashes simultaneously!!! agreed!

i, too, can't stop looking but feel a little sick about it at the same time...myspace is freeakey

be glad you're not working college night! :)

wolfman said...