Thursday, November 1, 2007

brought after PoPular dymand

many great hodads and grimmies have fasted until they sink their minds into this-

JACQUELINE TAIEB the french mademoiselle

great listening activities for this album:

1. make a tape of it, rock it on your boom box and try to sing along as you walk through your neighborhood to get some falafel and kabobs.

2. take a bath at night with incense burning, play the tape you just made in the boom box. video tape the incense from your perspective in the bathtub. it helps when there is only one light somewhat directly behind the incense.

3. smoke a french cigarette in said bath tub, then watch the video you just made while listening to the lo fi audio reproduced in the video and remember what fun it was completing all of these activities.

if anyone can find the album jacqueline taieb is back, i'd love for you to tell me. xii xoxox iv xv

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marc said...

Hi Wolfman

The link is busted.

I found this (her new album) for you:

and you can read an interview with her here:


Marc (Canada)