Wednesday, April 2, 2008

as you may have read on tiny mix tapes or myspace already

its not totally off base to think that the RIAA is working with myspace considering the corporate connections/mergers between murdoch and other buttholes. anyway, i'm trying to post this link again because myspace previously said it was spam and disabled it -- further trying to hinder progress towards a world where art and music are free for all to submerse themselves in (without those big brother companies peeking in your computer files, sending you to court with false suits, and taking your family, life and money)

please go to this link:

as one man once said about the struggle for free sharing of music (which i believe at this time and more so in the future applies to free sharing of information), "the cat is out of the bag".

the paradigm has shifted. we can no longer use the systems placed by corporate entities who reap the benefits of citizenship while also dodging responsibilities and laws that actual HUMAN EARTHLINGS are held to.

time is coming, and we will eventually Change their language.

don't let comcast control the use of the internet. don't let the RIAA pick on people and spy on you. read what is happening at

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