Tuesday, May 6, 2008

not just conspiracy theories, that's just what they want you to think.

perhaps malcom x and his teacher were right and the US government leaks drugs into communities to oppress the black man. or perhaps that's only part of their attempt to control the people of the world. i was reading articles on myanmar because of their recent tragedies and apparently they export a large percentage of the worlds opiates, which the US government is the largest buyer of. now take into consideration that the US buys cocaine for coca cola to use. and marijuana is our largest cash crop....

weird. just read these wikipedia's:



(particularly the part about drug trade)

no wonder they want to control these substances. they can control people with them....and pacify people as corporations take all the money and oppress sedated people who won't react.

i was also thinking about 9/11 and rising gas prices. perhaps 9/11 and 'support our troops' patriotism was just a test group to see how oil companies could deter people from lashing out against corporate greed.

but why would we care? we all know it takes forever for the government to get around to any change...or both parties are two sides of the same coin...so we are totally pacified i guess...

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