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big year for
well, everyone is trying to rate music which is funny. so i'll rate it too. now, if you're axing yourslf, "doesn't the wolfman realize after spending 6 hours today entering in the recipients of advertising awards realize that saying one creative concept is better than another only destroys the spirit of creativity?" well, yes. i do. and kinds are kind of cool. does good design and good music appeal to everyone? is it determined by the populous? these are questions i'd rather dodge. the worth is slippery, and i really don't mean anything in claiming these albums were the best. for me, i really rocked out to them. i loved them so much, and there is much more music that i've listened to this year that blows me away that i will probably not mention (i.e. daniel johnston, joy division and inca ore and the lemon bear orchestra) (ok, yea). but here's some bombastic shit, and i had to limit it:

TOP 2007 albums of 2007!
in no particular order

prodigies in their own rites of hellish slaying. if you have not slaughtered your sexuality to this band, GO VISIT THEIR MYSPACE AND STEAL THEIR MUSIC!


well, their album this year sucked. at least compared to their other shtuff. while still rocking it, nothing makes me as happy as They were wrong so we drowned. something about my mindframe mainframe makes me feel rad as i chant along "we are the army you see through the red haze of BLOOD!" which also reminds me "of top of spaghetti, all covered in BLOOD! i shot my poor teacher! etc, etc." remember that one? sweet! let's go to the next album--

28)Lightning bolt z z z z z zzap zap!

actually its just lightning bolt. i don't think they came out with anything this year. not that i know of at least, but brian chippendale did have a bad ass book come out called NINJA! DO get it, it rocked. if you're living around here you migh have noticed a wood print poster calling them "lightnig bolt" with another 'n' carroted into the word. that show they played is 0 o, really the true reason i'm mentioning them. you will never be able to stop headbanging if you dont go see them. they perform live. the best show i've ever seen.

27)speaking of live shows: dinosaur jr. (AND AWESOME COLOR). dino played their rocking shit. beyond was the same as they've always been (which isn't too exciting because you should already have all their CDs -- and know this). AWESOME COLOR alwso rocked.. go see them and buy their album. stoner rock/metal that rocks metal. i don't know, maybe it's the other way around.

26. boris and sun o))) = altar.

did this come out this year? still listening to it.

25:> times new viking.

no body likes their live show. i loved it. loved dig yourself. i'm okay with paisley reich. starting to get a little annoying lately (buy not as bad as tiny masters of today whose name i's also confused.)

24) Jacqueline Taieb.

tghe french mademoselle. did not spell that corrrectly. just got it this year. you saw my video. love this album. ye-ye music, french 60's. mmm!@

23) Indian Jewelry was kind of overlooked because it came out late last year after everyone reviewed stuff. invasive exotics is awesome, but also remember to go to and check out other bands. ntx and erika thrasher are the same people as indian jewelry and they kill brains and puppiezzz> check out the wiggins too.

22) the wiggins.

i think its one dude. i think he draws and paints. electric set is also rad.

21) the bubonic plague

came across them, strangly not by looking for ariel pink stuff (whom they are in the same label with) but by looking for etchings of the bubonic plague from the middle ages. albrecht drurer (spelling) sorts of stuff. psychedelic darkwavy, yum!

20) obelisk - also with geneva jacuzzi from bubonic plague, also rock, and are even more crypozoological! check them!

19( black dice. kokomono.rockz.
all your favorts from manoman on a whole LP! yay. time to trip dude. delay.

18. high places.
came upon them from david horowitz(of xiuxiu_ and his photobook) rad stuff. check the book. these guys sound just so sea shore-y and new. the the purification symbolism of water!

17. high water marx. high water marks.
= nothing new here, very watery, very fuzzy and poppy and elefante seis-y. gotta love.

16. belong. october language.
-- apparently they are releasing a 60's psychedelia inspired album in the coming months. rumor has it. this stuff makes me feel like i'm in outer space and warm celestial waves are splashing over me.

15. grouper....
another great album to fall asleep to; an echo-y woman whispers and it sounds like you're in a cave tunnel listening to water voices drip drop into a glowing meditation pool.

14. witch.

as you know now, its the best album.

13. Comets on fire.
rad sounds, all their musics good to rock to.

12) acid motherz. can you tell i like this kind musiz?

10. panda bear/ i know everyone loved it, but i do too. its great!

09. joe meek and the blue men. yum, far out.
you saw it here and listened to the album here, you know what i'm talking about. radar dude producing music in the 50/60's has got to be rad.

08. laurie anderson. --- far outter.
wild album. great commentary and apparently when MTV was started they played her video for "oh, superman" nonstop for an entire day. oh, how far MTV has sunk. probably the most famous performance artist in main stream media that i know, and the only one i know.

07. m83 -- drive through mountains and listen to it.
kinda strikes fear into me but also very exciting. panic, adrenaline and existential approaches towards living and thinking.

06) caribou, andorra --- most overlooked looked on cd this year.
great folow up to milk of human kindness. snaith came a long way since manitoba. rad!

05) mustafa ozkent . ridiculous turkish jazz funk.
i loved pulling out of my garage in the morning and driving around leisurely on summer days or playing from my boom box on the street corner this summer. lots of funk packed in to a small little monkey.

04) pram. underwater outlandish electro (well, not vvery electro_ noises. yum!
= isolated and desolate and fridged . but also mermaidy and underwater and joy full, alsmot like a celebration. if you think witch sounds like the smurfs or david the gnome you may think pram sounds like the snorks. in a great way. if you like them you may also like plone or the modified toy orchestra, if you like that, you may like the owl project.

)3) Hollindagan or whatever its called by animal collective. why did i put this down ever>
i ran out. soorry.

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