Sunday, December 9, 2007

so, I heard about a contemporary artist who is particularly interested in machines and placebos and how those things affect people. evidently this person has created himself a working time machine, the premise of which, to me, sounds quite feasable. he has built a chamber/cave/tank/what-have-you in his studio. inside this chamber all the clocks have been altered so that his life is adjusted into 36 hour days and his hours/minutes/seconds are all lengthened to some extent. he has deliberately replaced natural light with simulated sunlight that mimicks his 36 hour days. evidently he will also be experimenting with placebos while inside the chamber, in addition to some other sensory deprivation experiments. he can leave the space, but if he does he must not interact with other people and will wear a helmut to shut out his senses and any hope of interaction with the outside world--the helmet will play white noise.

i think this is wildly fascinating. i wonder what he'll be like when he gets out? what kind of person is he in the first place? what brilliant art.

here's the website...I think.

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