Saturday, March 15, 2008

Command Center Log Entry

There is a celebration of stamps of some sort. More maturing human beings morphing into idol worshippers if you ask me. If our clan keeps encouraging each other to turn, then the future of humanity is doomed.

A woman who taught me Italian came in and didn't recognize me when we talked. I didn't make an effort to remind her because I liked to feel like I was lurking in the shadows while she was none the wiser and talking to someone who wasn't me. Then she was gone.

I have been thinking about the future a lot. Not the future like 3008, but the future like 241,578,351. What do you think will exist then?

I envision cartoons of amoeba and cellular activity taking place.

I was at a fish fry at this temple people called "The Holy Name" yesterday. At this ritual all sorts of cellular organisms swarm and collect on each other. The cells are drawn to food to sustain themselves so they work together to obtain their nutrients. There was a very effective collaborative phagocytosis effort, but there was still fish left. Planets each themselves, something eats planets. Something else must eat that something.

I am that something.

"We split," said the adolescent human being. This assertion of a presence (or lack thereof, ironically) (or fragmentation) helped the being materialize for a moment before it vanished again!

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