Sunday, March 30, 2008

i am bobcat, i will be your destroyer.

i started thinking i would grab 5 of my favorite songs. i obviously lost control of myself and began archiving almost everything. there is about twice as much non computer based music and hours of field recordings that i want to dig through. i also want to find time to gradually work on mixing and cutting some of these recordings. i will have to select far fewer to do that. if you have any particular songs you want me to put together or work on, just let me know so i can narrow this project down and get started. it's not really my thing to plan any of this or rework any songs as if they are drafts. nothing is finalized. versions grow from versions and alterations. they are different sounds. this is a lot of my friends' stuff too. you may hear yourself on here, depending on who you are and where you were while i was recording.

the field recordings that i am talking about are not on here yet. i will post them.....when i get around to listening to them all and find a few good ones. right now i know there are some that were recorded at the brothers of derek and leslie talking after they had not seen each other for a very long time. another is of new years eve at my place and people gathering in the dining room to melt candles. another is over hearing people at lisa's radial cafe during breakfast. others are myself and bridget talking and meditating. as you may imagine, there are many hours to sort through and nothing has any labels.

anyway, i will try to explain what each of these albums is in some way:

1 - FL Studio - these are songs i made, mostly in frooty loops. i was trying out a lot of the features and thinking about robots and warping and outerspace a lot. i was also quite paranoid at the time(2003-2006), but gradually chilled out. mostly crappy dance music.

2 - Mystic Robot (2006ish)- a gathering of friends recorded in my brother's bed room in my mom's house on a computer mic with a couple glass bottles, an acoustic guitar, a doumbek drum (sp?) , a tambourine, and maybe a few other things scattered through out like pots and pans. mostly poking fun at indy kids if i remember correctly.

3 - A Shameful Act of Displays - 2008 =. rocking my new gun. i believe this has a few sci-fi-ee-er songs. my gun is beautiful . it likes to play simple sloppy notes on this album.

4 - Anatomy of a Ghost Worm - (2005). I hadn't been playing music much, but i really liked echoey sounds and thinking about being inside of a person's blood stream and passing through their circulatory system and hearing all those sorts of inside the body sounds.

5 - Reconstituded Cooter - (2008) My most recent album to date and also very highly acclaimed. all i do is listen to metal now. cheesey filters liberally spreaded throughout. a little dance at the end for some fun. i had, previous to this, been recording stereo, playing out through an amp, and playing guitar with through that amp with a flanger pedal and another amp with COSM reproductions of amps from the 50s to now and on board tremolo, chorus, flanger, phaser. delay reverb gain and a fab overdrive pedal. with three pickups with three controls, two pedals and multiple recordings with me, i decided to play with myself. i just got an electric sitar guitar and soon will find out how that mixes with everything.

{note: i am going to finish posting links later today, it's taking a while to upload right now]

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